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Mustard Seed History

Mustard Seed History

Mustard Seed Gardens is a unique setting, rich in heritage with roots dating back to the 1800s. Originally, President Andrew Jackson deeded the property to George Metsker, in exchange for his military service during the War of 1812. For decades, the property served as a farmstead & home to the Metsker family.

In 2008, husband & wife team Mark and Teresa Skipper toured the old property, which needed an enormous amount of love and restoration. A year later, they bought it. Now an established venue, Mustard Seed Gardens will host its 500th event this year.



Meet the owners

Meet Mark and Teresa

They never expected to own a wedding venue, but their visionary personalities & hearts to serve others made them the perfect fit for the job. With the guidance of their daughter Megan, they’ve worked tirelessly to make Mustard Seed what it is today. Mark & Teresa love nothing more than celebrating with families who choose to host their special events at Mustard Seed, and together, they’ve fostered a team of creatives who work diligently to help accomplish their vision every day.


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Meet the team

Mustard Seed Gardens Bethany

Bethany / Event Director

Bethany is the event director at Mustard Seed Gardens. She graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Event Management before beginning her career at Mustard Seed. For four years, she has worked with 100+ brides & families and couldn’t imagine a more fulfilling position. Unless Justin Timberlake ever needs an event coordinator.

Mustard Seed Gardens Claire

claire / Event coordinator

Claire is an event coordinator at Mustard Seed Gardens. She has experience working in retail & organizational management after earning her degree in Event Management from IUPUI. Claire is number three of five daughters. At home, you can find her planning her own wedding - coming up in January of 2019!

Mustard Seed Gardens Kayla

kayla / Event coordinator

Kayla is an event coordinator at Mustard Seed Gardens. After earning her Event Management degree at IUPUI, Kayla gained experience through industry internships and coordinator  positions before starting at Mustard Seed. Her detail oriented personality makes her a perfect fit for the job. After chatting with Kayla, we can guarantee you will be as obsessed with Chip & Joanna Gaines as she is.

Mustard Seed Gardens Shelby

shelby / venue coordinator

Shelby is the venue coordinator at Mustard Seed Gardens. She graduated with an Event Management degree from Ball State University. After working in the hospitality and food industry for six years, Shelby has realized that helping couples on their biggest day is what makes her the happiest. While she has plenty of impulse purchases, her favorite one was a sweet Pit bull from the humane society.